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Terms of uses

All photographs on this site are the property of Philippe Roy
They may not copied, reproduce, published, upload, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way without the permission of the copyright holder.

Using them without the consent of their owner is an infringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights.




Account management

Create your account

To create an account, please click on the "create an account" link and fill out the application. The registration is instantaneous and you will promptly receive an email at the address you provided. If you do not receive this email, please make sure that it is not being blocked by your anti-spam protection program.

The email you will receive will contain your password and other identification information necessary to access to the site.

Even though it is not required, it is strongly encouraged that you enter your identification data every time you access the site as to take full advantage of all the features thatáá has to offer.

In case you loose your user name and/or your password, you will need to create a new account. Click on the link “Forgot your password?” and indicate the email address you provided during registration. An email will then be sent to this address, containing your new user name and password. If you do not receive this email, please make sure that it is not being blocked by anti-spam software.

Becauseáá is a professional site, the administrator reserves the right to cancel an incomplete registration without prior notice.

Modifying your account

You can modify your account at any time. After logging in, click on "preferences". While you cannot modify your postal address or your telephone number, you can change your username, your password and the language (with a choice between English or French) displayed on the site, as well as the number of documents displayed on each page during a search.




Feature Stories

This page presents various feature stories for editorial usage. Each story has a title and, eventually, a brief description.

The first five stories are suggestions from the editorial team of the web site.

It is possible to filter your search for specific stories by indicating which season and region you require. Select the season and region that interest you on the scrolling menus situated on the left side of the screen and click "search".

To view a feature story, click on the displayed picture or on the "see feature story" link.

On the first page of the feature story you have selected, there will be a brief blurb about the story and a ánumber of áimages.

A visual excerpt of each feature story is displayed on its page in thumbnail form.

It is possible to view these images as a slideshow. Click on one of the thumbnails to open the slideshow. Click on the right side of the images to go forward and on the left side to go back or leave the slideshow. Click outside of the image to return to the feature story.

You can print out a contact sheet for the images used as excerpts of the feature story by clicking on the "contact sheet" link. To view the entirety of a feature story, click on "see more images" link. The images will then be displayed as thumbnails.

For logged in users, you can add the images excerpted from the feature stories in your lightbox by clicking "add to my lightbox".

To return to the list of stories, click on the link "see all feature stories" on the left side of your screen.




Searching for images

Simple searches

The images from the voyage gourmand collection can be searched according to different criteria such as folder names, titles, captions, key words, authors or photography sites.

On the homepage or on the search page, enter the word(s) corresponding to the images that you desire and click on search.

The results of the search will then appear.

The number of results and of pagesá will be indicated.

You can refine your search by filtering previous results:

Check the box "search within the results": the previously selected search criteria will then appear as key words. Complete your search by adding additional key words to this list.

If the results are not satisfactory or sufficient, try using singular words and synonyms of the terms you have utilized.

Each image has a link to a description. Click on the thumbnail or on the link "View description" to access it. This document will provide you with information about the name of the image, its dimensions in pixels, size in Mb., its title, captions, information on the location and key words.

From this descriptive file, you can go on to another search. If you wish to search the totality of the collection by using one of the key words on an images descriptive file, check the corresponding boxes and click "search the selected terms".

A Few Suggestions

The search engine seeks for the word(s) that you have provided in the descriptive file of each image. You can use more then one key word for your search.

The default operating word of the search engine is AND. Thus, any search will give results that contain all of the keywords that you have entered in your search in the description.

Other possible operating words:

  • The operating word OR allows to alternatively search for the terms you have provided.
  • The operating word NOT allows you to exclude a key word in your search. For example, if your looking for a beach that is not in France, search beach NOT France.
  • The symbol " * ": this symbol allows for the truncation of a word. If you search for "natur*", your search will result in images whose descriptions contain words beginning with "natur" such as natural, nature or naturism.

The glossary

The glossary is on the left side of your screen and is called "search by keywords". It allows you to search for images by theme.

The glossary is displayed as a drop menu: each overlying theme contains sub-groups that you can display by clicking on the symbol + and hide by clicking -.

To view images that correspond to a key word in the glossary, simply click on the term.

The glossary operates in a restrictive mode. It allows you to search for a word within a hierarchy, hence taking into account the words that precede it in the glossary. Thus, the glossary acts as a thesaurus. Hence the word is searched in the given context.

You can refine your glossary keywords based search: once you are on the search result page of one of these themes, check the "search within results" box and choose one or many other key words to make your search more precise.

Create a lightbox

To take advantage of the lightbox options, the user must be logged on.

To create one: click on the "add to lightbox" link underneath a desired image (lightbox icon). As you choose more images, your selection will be displayed as thumbnails on the left side of your screen.

To remove an image from your lightbox, click on the cross situated under the thumbnail.

To view the contents of your lightbox: Click "See Lightbox" in the menu above the display of thumbnails, on the left side of your screen and validate by clicking "ok". This will redirect you to the "current lightbox" section of the "My Lightboxes" page.

To save your lightbox: Click "Save Lightbox" in the menu above the display of the contents of your Lightbox and click "Ok". Give a name to your lightbox. Your choice of images will then be saved in a virtual folder that can be accessed by clicking on the "my selection" link of the "My Lightboxes cart" page.

To download the contents of a lightbox: Select "download lightbox" in the menu above the display of the contents of your lightbox and click "OK". A window will then open and ask you if you wish to save the images on your hard drive. The images you have chosen will be saved in a Zip archive file (compatible with any Windows or Mac computers).

Please note : Depending on the type of profile attributed to you by the site administrator, the user may have to the option of downloading the images in high or low resolution.
Users that do not have this option will download images in low definition that will have watermarks. These images are meant to be used áas comps or draft models.
To obtain the images in high resolution and without the watermark, you must make a request for a price estimate to the administrator through the "My selection" link on the "My Lightboxes" page.

To erase a lightbox: Click "Delete Lightbox" in the menu above your chosen images and confirm by clicking "ok" in the confirm dialog box.




The “My lightboxes” page: Managing your selection, requesting a price estimate, downloading high resolution images

The "My lightboxes" page allows you to manage the images you have selected and organize them in folders, request a price estimate and download the images.

Current shoping cart section

The "current shopping cart" section of the "my lightboxes" page displays thumbnails of all of the images in your current lightbox. In this section, you can edit your current lightbox.

To remove an image from your current lightbox, click on the cross situated underneath the thumbnail of the image you wish to eliminate.

To download one of the images from your current lightbox, click on the link, "download this image". Depending on the type of profile attributed to you by the site administrator, the user may be able to choose between downloading the image in high or low resolution.

To save the images that you have selected, click on the "Save my lightbox as" link.

To access your chosen images, click on the "My Selection" link in the grey square on the left side of your computer screen.

My selection section

The "My selection" section displays the folders in which the user has saved the images he has chosen. This allows you to keep the results from past searches in an organized fashion for future use. The number of folders is unlimited.

To print out a contact sheet of the images in a folder, click on the folder icon.

To move the contents of a folder into a shopping cart, click on the "move into shopping cart" link. If the images are already present in your shopping cart, they will be replaced by the images in the folder.

To obtain images in low resolution, click on the “obtain in low resolution” link.

For users not authorized to download images in high resolution, the "Request a price estimate" link allows you to ask for a price estimate for the images in the folder after providing your information.

For users authorized to download images in high resolution, the "obtain in high resolution" link allows you to download the images in high resolution.

The “Delete folder” link allows you to delete a folder in "my selection".

The "My Requests" link is available only for users not authorized to download images in high resolution. It allows them to track their requests for an image in high resolution after negotiation of a usage fee.